For the last twenty odd years West has been waiting with a collective bated breath for the inevitable rise of China. Since the collapse of the USSR, it was only a matter of time that the hunt for new challenges to the world order resumed. Ultimately, the old enigmatic orient fit the bill, as it has in the past.

Western audiences specifically, and in general, audiences around the world, have been far too eager to purchase the narrative of a rising dragon across the China seas with the intent of doing what her adversaries did to her for centuries during…

Proposed Emancipation Statue in Richmond, VA

When American Revolution is discussed, the “accepted” PSE (Photosensitive Epilepsy) inducing Kaleidoscope of images include, mostly white minutemen, frontier fighting tactics, powdered wigs, long coats and muskets. These images are ingrained in the collective psyche of America as a nation. What is less known is that America had many mini-revolutions that are not taught or discussed in most classrooms or in most public spheres. One of these revolutions was planned for the same day and in as righteous a cause as the one championed by the minutemen army of Washington and Lafayette.

When Alexis DE Tocqueville, the French political theorist…

It is Father’s Day today! When my wife and kids gifted me a fountain pen today, the longest day of summer brought memories of a long time ago. This was no doubt, a result of them observing my preference for them at work and for leisurely writing.

Fountain pens are relegated to be given as gifts or novelty items to be stored in a desk drawer with their packaging intact, never to be used or seen again. They have also been purposefully consigned to calligraphers, instead of everyday writing.

The gift today took me back to my school days when…

Hitler and Modi — Similarities and How to Fight it
Hitler and Modi — Similarities and How to Fight it
Modi may not be a Hitler yet but he is on his way…

Hitler has become such an oft-used boogeyman in world politics today to paint leaders in a corner that when the real deal comes along it is easy to miss the signs. Hitler and his Germany need to be collectively looked at instead of looking at the Fuhrer as a madman bent on world destruction. The similarities need not be in action, although they can be stark and plenty, but in intended consequences and achieved results as a direct result of the attitudes of the state. While comparisons have been made in the past where Saddam, Qaddafi, and others on the…


The Indian BJP (Bharatya Janata Party), which is the ruling party in the Indian Central Government, recently added a religious test to its citizenship act through an amendment to the said act targeting Muslim migrants to India. The clamor that ensued among the cultural and literary elites along with the political opposition was in need of a whipping horse to become a united uproar of the collective Indian conscience: Enter Jinnah!

To an Indian, Jinnah is the perfect embodiment of one of their own that they love to hate. Seventy years after his demise, Jinnah evokes a detestation that simply…

Shahab Riazi

Shahab Riazi is a resident of silicon valley with a love-hate relationship with tech! He is married to a loving indulgent wife and spoils 3 kids at her expense!

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